Meter reading requests all the time

Why do I have to submit meter readings every month. If I don’t I get the estimated meter reading alert. Surely once a quarter is suffice?

I think I have done about 8 or 9 this year so far. Never had to do this before with other suppliers.

I wonder if your previous supplier produced quarterly rather than monthly bills? Previously I was with two of the big six suppliers who produced quarterly bills and hence they requested meter readings every quarter. Bulb on the other hand produce their bills on a monthly basis, so if you want accurate bills send meter readings every month, however if you want estimated bills submit meter readings every quarter. Me, I send monthly meter readings which takes about two minutes of my time.

It’s funny though because after i submit a reading it states they will request a new reading in three months. :crazy_face:

I get that same email. If you want accurate Bills and only get billed for the energy you use then submit every month. I get a reminder every month, and submit when reminded.

Bulbs estimation algorithm can be wildly different to what is actually used as no two households have the same energy habits.

If you submit on time every month it helps to avoid a bill shock if bulb underestimate your usage.


Bulb are sending out conflicting information regarding monthly meter readings and then saying you are OK for three months. I have raised this as an issue on a number of occasions.