Meter reading same since March

The gas meter shows the same reading since March.
I was asked to submit additional information and photos of the meter that I have done.
Inspite of various reminders and emails I have had no response.

You’ve told them that your meter is faulty. It’s up to them to rectify the situation. Just keep submitting your (same) readings so that they don’t estimate you. You’ll probably get a bill eventually that will try to catch up what they think you’ve used.

If you know roughly how much you use, put that money aside monthly so that you’ve got it available.

As for the amount of the estimate, that’s a discussion you can have with them another day.

Ideally, you’d like it sorted but my suggestion above is the best you can do until they do sort it out.

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Hey @aduggal2008 Thanks for your post on community.

We are sorry you had been waiting on your meter job. We can see since this post a member of the metering team have booked you in a job and you should have been sent an email to confirm.

If you have any questions, let us know.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi, I had my Bulb meter installed on 2/6/22 & it is showing waiting for meter reading. I have switched it off at the wall & turned off the device still not working.

I have notified Bulb on the app several times & the message says wait 48hrs.
I am concerned as I received an email today saying my monthly payments will increase from ÂŁ133.52 to ÂŁ176.28 on 2 July.

This amount seems very high I am in credit and I can’t see my actual readings to check. Wish I didn’t bother with the meter now . Any advice welcome .

Hey @OKComputer We are sorry that you had your payments increased, I messaged on the other thread about the meter which we will email you regarding.

In terms of your payments, the objective is to get you in a good place for winter, you should build up a buffer to protect you in the winter when you use more.

A payment change now will prevent an increase in a more difficult period for example as it would be expected that with the current payment you will be in debt in a couple of months.

–Carl :bulb: