Meter reading shocking

Shocking service, estimate me incorrectly and still have resolved my issues after one year. Changed my meter twice and totally messedup my reading, how the hell can I have used 400 pounds worth. When you reset my bloody meters as you replaced with smart meters which don’t work. You don’t let me escalate. I have emailed your CEO. Can anyone help

Have you checked that your d86 read from your old supplier has been sent to bulb? Estimate reads when you move are often based on this. Smart meters take a while to register reads properly so hopefully this will work soon

I’m in a similar position, I went live with bulb a good few months ago and still my smets2 smart meter isn’t providing readings to you. It’s a farce really. Phrases like hopefully although well intentioned Just enrage already stressed Customers as there should be a slick defined process. These problems have been solved many time by other industries after all