Meter reading submissions 31/03/2022

Hi everyone,

If you’re trying to submit a meter reading, you can do so on our app or website. As it’s very busy, you may be placed in a queue. If you’ve managed to submit your readings but can’t see them just yet they’re likely to be pending and will appear on your account soon.

If you haven’t managed to get in touch to submit your readings please do not worry, you can email us at with the date you took the reading and we’ll backdate it. If you have a smart or prepayment meter you don’t need to send us a reading.

We’re sorry if you’ve had trouble getting through to us so far, we’re working hard to get through all of your queries. If you’ve already sent us your readings via social DMs or email we’re working through these and we’ll add them for the date you took them.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Many thanks,

–Suki :hibiscus:

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Do I need to submit metre readings by end of March to ensure I don’t get overcharged on units used before new tariffs come in to effect ?

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my meter reading today is 48892

my meter reading today is 48892

My meter reading is 24003 but I can’t submit - I keep being told to try again in 24 hours!

My meter reading today is 35478. Bulb website not accepting readings today

same here! I have taken a photo of my meter reading as well

I hope someone at Bulb takes note of all these messages so that nobody is overcharged. I will try again later tonight to submit reading


Same happened to me although I did receive an email saying thank you for your reading so I think it went through


I tried a few times to submit and got an acknowledgment each time - it’s an automated response so no guarantee that reading actually got through

I think they did, I got their emails as well, is so annoying that error message appears…
My bill comes on the 3rd, today is my normal meter reading submission day and I had to wait 14 minutes to be able to submit a meter reading.

This is a first…

Gas:4640, Electricity:5379

Same again, tried a few time & got acknowledgement, but when I checked the “Last” reading, it hadn’t registered. Thanks for the suggestion of photographing meters though…

Gas 07340
Electric 36432

Someone from bulb needs to come here and explain what is happening. Have the readings gone through or not.

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Gas 0017
Electricity 49507

Electric meter reading is 22808 have input it and have 6 emails saying all done so lets see

Hi. I’ve been having trouble submitting my meter readings today too. There is no one free to pick up my Chat via the BulbBot either. I have had an email saying my readings have been received but I am posting them here too to make sure. Electricity 22831 & Gas 40252.

Electricity 32938
Gas 16777

I don’t understand why they have implemented a queuing system, when it gets us nowhere. Even after putting the numbers in, an error message comes up, telling me to try in 24 hours. I also have pictures with readings and time-stamped emails from failed tries, but it shouldn’t come to this. What a mess.