Meter reading submitted but not recognised

I have just submitted meter readings for gas and electricity. Why is my gas reading not showing up. Having just looked at my account, I think this is not the first time this has happened

The same has also happened to me, Gas reading not showing up, but I received the email to say you received the reading.

Can someone from Bulb reply to us with an explanation please?

I spoke to someone on chat yesterday who manually added the gas reading, and it was showing, but the usage graph data then vanished saying “we don’t have enough data to draw a graph yet”. Checked today and the gas reading has mysteriously vanished again, but the 2 years worth of graph data is back (with an estimated gas reading for this month, rather than the correct reading I have now provided 3 times).

My statement which is due today also isn’t showing yet.

Hi @christine.verguson & @mmcb :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had getting your readings added.

I’ve checked for you now and can see that the readings for that date are now showing on your accounts. Sometimes when you submit readings via the account online, there can be a short delay before they are visible. This will usually be because we are confirming that the readings are valid and match with previously submitted readings.

With the usage graphs, they are currently still in beta, so there can sometimes be a few issues displaying the data, however if you notice that they aren’t right, they should be corrected within the next few days.

Let me know if you’re still experiencing ongoing issues and I’ll take a look for you.

-Luke :bulb: