meter reading units

Just tried to submit my second meter reading. Electricity OK, but your system said that the reading was unexpectedly high. Checked the help system and found that you expect the gas reading to be in cubic meters rather than KWH as per my previous supplier. Presumably this makes my previous reading invalid too. Please suggest how we get out of this problem.

@dik_leatherdale, that’s unusual

Gas readings are typically in m3 (historically ft3) rather than kWh as the calorific value of gas changes in different locations and can also change over time in the same location. Does your meter specifically say kWh next to the figure? (this would be impossible to show accurately without a very fancy smart meter)
Suppliers charge in kWh but this is calculated for your bill rather than a figure provided by the meter.

I’d recommend giving Bulb a ring tomorrow (0300 30 30 635) and get them to take a look at all of your readings and check everything over for you.

@dik_leatherdale Thanks for getting in touch with us.

As @mowcius said, the readings that are submitted will need to be in m3 or cubic ft depending on the meter. Our meter submission page will display the units required for each reading.

If the wrong reading is submitted, please let us know what the current reading is and send us an email or call us at 0300 30 30 635. We’ll let you know the status of the first gas reading. We will most likely have been sent an estimated first reading for the gas.