Meter reading/usage querie


So I’ve finally had my first bill (after around 2yrs with this company), the bill was for over £2000!
£1000+ of which was scrapped (because you hadn’t bothered to bill me) and I had a about £1000 credit in my account which had left me with £200+ to pay. So on to my queries.

Firstly…how do I actually make a payment? All I can see is the option to increase monthly payments.

Secondly…why do I have 4 metre readings when you guys estimate a meter reading?
Can’t include images in this post as new users can only post one image and it requires two for comparison :roll_eyes:
(There’s also an estimated reading 22 days after I sent in a meter reading :man_shrugging:)

Thirdly…I was quoted around £37pm when I made the switch to you guys, now my estimated cost is nearly £100pm. Not entirely unreasonable, until you consider we’re a family of 3 in a 1 bedroom flat. We do have storage heaters, but we haven’t run them for months, since the weather warmed up. We don’t exactly have a lot of appliances running, we don’t even watch TV, so this just seems a bit high to me. I was actually paying less under my old supplier, Npower.

Would appreciate it if someone could get back to me on here or via email as I can’t even seem to find a phone number for customer support.


In your account, under Payments & Statements, you should see a “Top Up” button to the right of your current Account Balance.

Are you with Bulb for both gas and electricity? Do you have Economy 7? That could get you to 3 readings (1 × gas, 2 × electric)… There is a moderately obscure scenario involving multiple electric meters (2 MPANs) that might, perhaps, combined with E7, just about make 4. But it sounds strange for sure.

£100pm for a 1-bed flat definitely sounds high. But if you’ve not been submitting readings, Bulb’s estimated usage is likely way off, and they need regular readings for their estimates to even get in the ball park (and even then, they tend to be a little bit OTT). And was the ~£37pm quote based on supplying actual consumption or estimated based on property description?

Have you compared the actual tariff values - standing charge and unit prices - between the two? And then used your current consumption figures to calculate what Npower would have charged for this period?

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Thanks for the reply.

I can’t find the top up option on the app. Is this only available on the desktop site?

Apparently I do have 2 MPAN numbers, as this was an ongoing issue with my last supplier. You should be aware of this though as I received an email saying something to the effect that you had been charging me separately for them when you shouldn’t have been. Oh, and I don’t have gas to my property, I’m have electric only

I get that the estimate may not be totally accurate but it still seems very steep. I have sent in a reading recently. Any idea how long that’ll to take be applied?

Can’t say I’ve sat and compared prices with my previous supplier. I’m just going off the fact that their estimates or bills never exceeded anywhere near £100 for the month in all the year’s I was with them.



Just a reminder, the way you say “You should be aware of this issue” and “you have been charging me” makes me think that you think @stevefoster works at bulb. He does not. This is a community forum. Any people that work at bulb will have “at_bulb” at the end of there names, for example, @Noah_at_Bulb.

I too have looked at the app and can’t find a way to do it. try to go to your bulb account in your browser
The reading is taken into account instantly and will affect your next bill. submit a meter reading 2 days before your bill to get an actual reading.

The reason you bills are now at 100p/m is that the company bulb uses for estimates see it as you had an £1000 bill. they now think that your going to have higher bills on average.

Ah ok. Sorry, I was under the impression that Steve was a Bulb employee. Thank you for clearing that up and thank you for the other advice. Much appreciated :+1:

Hi Steve.

Sorry, I didn’t realise this was a community forum, thought you actually worked for Bulb.

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply mate :+1:

Thanks again.

No problem, I’m just a Bulb customer as well. As @izzyhunt says, Bulb employees are generally @<someone>_at_bulb.

I don’t use the app, so can’t comment on that (see [EDIT] at the end of this comment), but if you login from a browser on a computer, and click on the big green “Payments & Statements”, you get this:

I’ve obscured my payment and balance, and added an arrow pointing out the “Top Up” button :smile:.

[EDIT] I’ve found the Managing your energy with the Bulb app Guide, which says that “Top Ups” are among the things the App doesn’t handle.

I wondered if you might have been one of the customers suffering with the 2 MPAN issue. Bulb screwed up for all such customers, and are repaying approximately £1.8m in aggregate in refunds and compensation to such customers. Mind you, it only arose because of a crackpot implementation of storage heater tariffs by Scottish Power and SSE.

Note that Bulb aren’t the only supplier who wrongly applied OFGEM rules and billed double standing charges for this sort of installation either.

That’s brilliant. I’ll check it out. Thanks again mate

Ah ok. Yeah, I was credited some money to my account because they had been billing me for 2 npans or something to that effect.

I wonder if this is worth chasing up with my old supplier :thinking:
I had so much trouble with them over these npan numbers though that I’m not sure I have the energy to open up that particular can of worms.