Meter Reading

I have a ‘smartmeter’ (Liberty EG4v 10) that was recently fitted buy OVO, Can you read this remotely? How do I get it to display the meter reading? For gas it gives a reading in kWh and volume, I presume you need kwh? Can you confirm.

Hi @pb1234 that’s a bit beyond my knowledge, so I’ll just grab someone who will know. Bear with me while I flag them down.

Hi @pb1234 Unfortunately we can’t read meters remotely yet. The meter contains a SIM card and just like when you switch mobile phone companies, we can’t use another company’s SIM…yet! We are in talks at the moment with Liberty so we should be able to read remotely in the next couple of months. Looking forward, there is currently an industry wide system in development so we don’t have this problem and all suppliers can dial into any meter when it switches supplier. This is due to go live at the end of this year. With the readings, there should be something like ‘toggle display’ or ‘cycle display’ on the front of the meter. Press this until you get to a reading with kWh as the units!

If you can’t find the reading come back to me and I’ll look into it a bit further. :peace:

Thanks for the clear answer.

I read these posts from 2016 and wonder why Bulb are still not able to read smart meters. I have Liberty electric and gas meters that are useless.

Hi Bulb!

I too am thinking of switching from Ovo (with the same SMETS1 smart meter mentioned above, the Secure Liberty EG4v 10) and have been informed that Ovo can’t upgrade it. I did read somewhere on your site that you can read the Secure brand smart meters though, and also that all meters can be upgraded via software anyway. So will mine work as a smart meter with Bulb immediately, or within a couple of months or so? Or will it take longer, and is there anything I can do to resolve that?


Hey @milhouse,

Thanks for the great question! So we’re currently working on getting all Secure brand SMETS1 meters connected onto the smart network, so it shouldn’t be long until we can communicate with yours! Then it will work as a smart meter going forwards. I don’t have an exact date we’ll do this with your meter, but it won’t be long!

All the best,