Meter reading

I brought a property on 8th November and asked you to be my supplier, when I added the meter readings from that date the system would only allow me to put the date as 30th November. I have photographic evidence that the readings were taken on the 8th November but the old energy supplier of the property is saying that they were supplying from 8.11.2016-29.11.2016 even though you have meter reading from the day of purchase.
What do I do? As I’ve paid you from the date of moving in but they are saying I owe them money.

Hi there,

We’ve only been charging up from the 30th of November and not the 8th. Because it takes 3 weeks for the switch to occur we have been supplying you since the 30th of November. What this means is that you will be paying your old supplier up until the 30th and then you will start paying us.

We try to explain this in our emails, we’re sorry that it wasn’t made clear to you.

Ok, but the meter reading I gave you wasn’t from the 30th it was from the 8th what can we do about this problem?

Don’t worry, we can sort this out for you. Could you send us your meter readings into for today or tomorrow as soon as you can and we can then use the reading you gave us for the 8th and infer what it should have been for the 30th of November. We will then also notify your old supplier of the new read.

Either way, you will not be charged for the same period of usage twice so there’s no need to worry about that.

Thanks for sending us such a quick reply.

Thank you for your swift reply. I appreciate your help you’ve been very helpful which as a new customer is nice to see. The old supplier not so helpful it must be said. I’ll message the readings tomorrow if I include my account number and details will it be clear why or should I explain again?

No worries, we try to get back to our members as quick as we can. If you mention that you posted about it in the community we can pick it up from there and sort it all out.