Meter reading...

Hi…I moved into my property on the 7th August and took a meter reading.

I’m now able to submit my reading to Bulb…do I submit my current reading…or the reading that I took when I first took ownership of the property? I assume that the previous owner would’ve submitted a reading to the previous gas/electric company so I’m guessing I just need to supply what I currently have showing on my meters?

Any help appreciated!


Anyone from Bulb care to comment? If not, I’ll just submit what my meters are showing now!



Hiya @paul3005 we need a meter reading from the day that you start with us (or very close to the date!). Between the day you move in and the day you switch, you will need to pay the previous energy company for the energy you used. If you need any help finding out who they are, just give us a shout :slight_smile: