Meter reading

I have joined bulb as I moved in to a new flat. I have taken a meter reading the day I moved in but my bulb switch wont be made until the 26th. I am wondering if I give my initial meter reading when I moved in and the second meter reading if bulb will sort it for me?
I don’t know who the previous providers are as the person that lived there before will have that information, however I do not want to have to pay their bills as I am unsure if they declared the move out.
I am just a bit confused here on what I will be eligible to pay from the date I moved in since my switch wont happen until the 26th?

Thank you

@kidduo, you are required to pay the old supplier for the electricity you are using from the date of moving in until the switch date.

If you don’t know who that is, Bulb can probably tell you, but if not they’ll soon send you a letter asking for some money once the Bulb switch has taken place. At that time you can just provide them with moving in readings if that isn’t sorted by then.

Thank you very much for your reply, that really helped

Hi @kidduo I can see that your current electricity supplier is British Gas, and your gas is supplied by SSE - let us know if you have any questions, but it looks like @mowcius has already answered them - thanks!!