Meter reading

Dear Team,

I am unable to enter meter reading in bulb as it says it’s lower than previous reading. It looks like I may have entered the wrong meter reading previously. In my meter I see two different readings - Low and Normal. I am assuming Low is Night time charge and Normal is Day time charge. Am I correct?

Attached is the image, kindly assist me out.


Hi @ahujasachin9229, common sense and logic would say that low would be the night time reading, but I wouldn’t bank on it!

If you take a few more readings this evening (before say 23:00), one of them will go up a little. That one will be your daytime reading.

If you’re then sure they’re being input the correct way round and it’s not accepting it, you’ll need to give Bulb a ring to get the previous reading amended.

If the last reading on your account was an estimate (you can check that here) and your new readings are simply lower than the estimated amount, it should let you input it anyway, even if it tells you it’s lower.