Meter Reading

Why don’t you acknowledge back once you have received the meter readings all other utilities do???

01023399 statement number readings GAS 002825.5 ELEC 001230.1

meter readings

@Manny12 We have this confirmation at the top of the page

@bernicesaxony If these are your meter reads, you can load these into your MyBulb account.

Cannot enter meter reading as requested

@joneskeith678 Welcome to the Bulb community, thanks for your question.

I’ve removed your email from this post for data protection reasons. It’s best not to include personal details in public posts - just a heads up for next time.

You can submit meter readings through your online Bulb account here If you’re a new member and haven’t used the online account before, you may need to set up a password first.

I have been with bulb since last october and neither your website and mobile app allows me to submit meter readings which is very frustrating !

Can you please look into this


@cmack Sorry to hear that, I completely understand your frustration. I’ll send you an email now so we can investigate this further

Hi Sophie,

thanks for quick response - there is no error message

when I click on either the gas or electricity tab for submitting a meter reading both platforms (web site and app) nothing comes up


@cmack I’ve replied to your email and am investigating the issue with our tech team. Hopefully it should be sorted soon for you