Meter reading

My gas meter has 5 digits (10096) but on here there are only four spaces. How do I enter the digits?

Are you sure?
If I go to 'MyBulb > ‘Submit a meter reading’ I see five spaces.

@electric I’m concerned we received incorrect meter technical details about your gas meter. Please send us a picture of it to If there’s a yellow sticker on the gas meter detailing a meter exchange within the past five years, please also send a picture of that sticker.

@198kHz I think what’s happening here is that Bulb thinks of this meter as a 4-digit imperial meter, but there was a recent (within past 2 years) meter exchange by the supplier that @Electric was with before Bulb, and now @electric has a 5-digit metric meter, but the gas meter details Bulb received were (incorrectly) for a 4-digit imperial meter.

@“Andrew at Bulb” Ah, OK - thanks for info.