Meter reading

I have an electricity meter which gives three different readings one after another without any indication what they refer to. Current readings ate: 9743, 9781, 37.

That is curious.

There’s no reference next to any of them to indicate what they might be?

9743 plus 37 is almost 9781 so I wonder if they’re a R1, R2 and total and you’re on a single rate but with an E7 meter?

9743 being R1, 37 being R2 and 9781 being the total.

@GeorgeKramer I think @mowcius is right. I’ve put in your reads for you. (I had to do it manually because our system was a bit confused by the 37 read – it was expecting something a bit higher.)

Context: British Gas had this bizarre tariff where it gave people free electricity on Sundays. When these meters switch to us, they come as 2-rate meters, but the Sunday register hardly moves (sometimes doesn’t move at all). We put all these meters on our 1-rate-for-E7 agreement, which is what I’ve done for you too. It’s a frustrating situation, and the best solution we’ve come up with so far is a kludge. When we put a new smart meter at your property, we can change your meter to a regular 1-rate meter.