Meter Reading

My meter reading was rejected because it was too low. I was asked for a photo. I took a photo but could not figure out how to load that as a jpeg file. Why not just believe the customer?

Attach it to an email, it should be straight forward.

Why not just believe the customer?
The simple answer is because not everyone can be trusted, like most things in life nowadays it is the majority that suffer at the hands of the few. With over 250,000 customers Bulb need to have some controls to keep everything on track.

@1_holborn Sorry you’ve had some issues with your account - we query the readings when they don’t fall in line with historical readings, because it could be a sign something isn’t quite right with the switch or reading, which would ultimately mean you are inaccurately billed (which could be bad for you if it’s more!)

If you could email us the picture to if you are struggling to upload it, we can check it out for you, and make sure everything is running ok on your account!

Why not just believe the customer?

Because sometimes the customer is wrong. Sometimes people mix-up their gas and electric readings (I know I’ve done this once - hence why I’m really glad Bulb put the “previous reading” on the meter reading screen so I can double check it looks right), sometimes a digit is missed by mistyping, transcription/misread issues (reading a 7 as a 1 on the meter etc) or just a simple “not sure how to read the meter” (some have decimal points which you are meant to ignore anything to the right of, some have red digits which are meant to be ignored, zeros are meant to be included etc etc). The “upload an image” item is a brilliant way of Bulb just being able to do a quick manual check (without having to send a meter reader round) and, if your “opening read” is lower than your previous supplier expects it to be, it’ll act as “evidence” for both yourself and Bulb if the previous supplier feels that you owe them more money.

@1_holborn Hi there - I’d love to know more details about what went wrong. Have you taken the photo with a phone? You could also open on your phone browser and attach the photo directly from the phone once the picture is taken.