Meter reading?

My meter rotates through three different sets of number, how do I know which is day and which is night?

During the day boil a full kettle of water and see which one changes…that’s the daytime one.

Hi @Asa as @scudo said that’s really the best way to tell, just check which one’s moving during the day. The third number is usually the total of the other two added together, if that helps.

Hi i moved house on 19th April my closing meter reading is 11472 my new address has a payment meter my new address is 19B Priory Road Sheffield S7 1LW miss lisa firth many thanks

Hi @Lisafirth1971

Would you like me to add you to prepayment beta test list? This way we can notify you when we’re able to sign up your meter. We are currently only taking prepayment meters on in this way.