meter reading

hi we have a british gas smart meters for both gas and electric when we submit electric reading why is there two set of boxes we tried entering reading for electric but it says we were not expecting this can you please explain no problem with gas as only one set of boxes thanks kevin

Hey @kjl - it looks like you’ve got an electricity meter that was probably on a tariff with British Gas where you got free energy between 9am-5pm on Saturdays. The meter will still have been recording usage at those times, but it’s recorded as a separate meter reading, and we need to take both meter readings.

Normally these meters have a green button on the side that you can press. You might have to press it several times, but the screen should cycle round to show both meter readings - one will typically say Rate 01 and the other Rate 02, and both will show a meter reading measured in kWh.

Hope that helps,