Meter Reading

You have rejected my meter reading as not what you expected, I live in an apartment block and the reading is supplied by the concierge so I cannot provide a photo of the meter, please advise what’s wrong with the reading as it’s correct

Hi Ian

Just for peace of mind, Bulb aren’t active at weekends, so expect an answer sometime on Monday, when their office reopens at 9:00am that day :slight_smile:

Hi there @Ian_G thanks for getting in touch. Basically, what’s going on here is that your old supplier sent across some info about your meter, which included the last reading you’ve given them, and that reading didn’t line up with the reading you just gave us as your opening read. If the concierge can’t take a photo for you (sometimes they can, but not always) then is there any chance you could get him to confirm the serial number of your meter, too? That’ll just let us double check that we have the right meter for you, and if we do have the right meter and that’s definitely your reading we’ll pop it in for you. You could email the serial number to if you’d rather not pop it up on a public forum