Meter reading

Just had a rather aggressive man at the door - no introduction or where he was from, saying he needed to read the meter. I asked where he was from and he said Simply Energy. I noticed he was wearing a Morrisons shirt and so I said I don’t know any Simply Energy and have nothing to do with Morrisons. He didn’t offer any ID and I just felt uneasy. I said no thankyou and closed the door. He walked away muttering and clearly quite angry. After a call to Bulb it seems that he may have been legitimate however I think some notice that someone was coming out and better training for people in showing ID, giving the correct company name (or one I would recognise) etc would be helpful.

Hi @saminoodle thanks very much for letting us know about this, it’s really important to us that everyone who represents Bulb knows who we are, and behaves in a suitably ‘Bulby’ way (also known as friendly and efficient), so I’m definitely going to flag this up and see if we can get some sort of improved training and protocols and whatnot out there for our meter readers.

Just had the same. Morrisons ID, didn’t say they were representing Bulb. Would be useful if they say up front who they are there on behalf of, I’m not going to let them in without this.