Meter reading

My gas meter is very inaccessible and I have a bad back. Back in April I misread a 2 for a 7. Last month I submitted a photo which was accepted with reading of 4290. I have not used any gas since so meter reading is still 4290.
Official reader came last week,but think that was on behalf of good energy.

I have previously submitted both gas & electric meter readings. On recently receiving my final bill from my previous supplier, the instructions they gave on reading the meter mean that the numbers I have submitted are totally different on the gas side of things…not only am I confused but also worried the reading is way off. Can anyone help?


If you gave your gas meter reading to Bulb just prior to your Switch then this is the reading which your previous supplier should have used to work out your final bill. A validation process is gone through by a mystery third party so that both the receiving and losing energy suppliers use the same meter reading.

Hi guys, thanks for getting in touch. @jan_vet491 I’ve put that reading of 4290 in for you if that’s what you’re on at the moment, and if you find it difficult to get to the meters to read them we can arrange for someone to come out and read them on a quarterly basis, if you wouldn’t mind emailing just so we have it down in writing we’ll get that sorted out for you. @Geth as @Allanr mentioned we will be using the same reading as your old supplier (the mystery third party is the industry regulator, they double check every switch over read to make sure that nobody gets double charged for energy or anything), if that reading is way off then we can start a process to get that reading changed, we’ll just need a photo of your meter showing the reading, if you don’t mind, then we’ll get in touch with your old supplier and get things sorted out for you.