meter reading

Hi, I’ve been trying to log on and give you meter readings for days and the site seems to be down. Any idea when it will be fixed?


eh, anyone there?
I can’t log on to my account
Can someone help?

Hi there @rhlondon we had an issue with our Bulb Account logins over the weekend through to Tuesday, but it should now be fixed and you’ll be able to log in. You may need to log out (using the icon in the top right hand corner of that blank screen) and back in again, but it should now be all up and running. Please do let us know if you have any further trouble

Hi David
no, it’s still not doing it for me. I’m just getting the white cycle going round and when I click on the log out link nothing happens

Hi there @rhlondon in that case it may be worth deleting your cache and cookies for our site, or trying to log in on a different device or in incognito mode. I’ve also reset your password and emailed it to you, if you try logging in with that and your email hopefully it’ll work a little better.