Meter reading

I still don’t understand my meter reading and it’s unclear on your Help guide. My meter has three numbers - 98364, 76282 and 74546 - but there is only space to enter two of them. Which number are you expecting?

Hi @herry ,

The easiest way would be to look at your previous bills (with Bulb or your previous supplier) and see what numbers are down for the meter readings there and see if you can match them up (if one is around 98000 and 76000 then it’ll be the first two numbers etc). According to , if the meter readings are labelled ‘1’,‘2’ and ‘t’ - then it’s the ‘1’ and ‘2’ readings you need.

If you can supply any other details about the meter/what the readings are labelled, then we community members (other customers) may be able to help. Failing that or if you are really unsure, I would contact Bulb directly either email, live chat or phone ( see ) and they may be able to lookup your specific meter type and advise from there.