Meter reading.

My meter is placed at a higher level, i’m not able to give readings also because of the knee problem, definatly need a step ladder, i leave alone. So please u might have to sent somebody to do the readings.

Hi @Neo40,

Bulb does offer a quaterly meter reading service to vulnerable members under the ‘Priority Services Register’ - Signing up for free support services – Bulb - which you might qualify for. Whilst Bulb asks for meter readings monthly, they are ‘alright’ with quarterly readings: it just means you will get estimated bills in the interim which may be higher or lower than your actual usage.

If you aren’t registered disabled or otherwise fall in the vulnerable members qualification list, you’ll have to read the meter yourself or get somebody else (a relative or carer) to read it for you every few months or switch to another provider who will either provide regular meter reader visits (which are quite expensive to provide) or install a smart meter for you which will provide automatic readings (Bulb are introducing these this year, but don’t currently have a public timeline for installations yet).