Meter reading

I need help to submit meter readings!
I joined bulb at the end of November and haven’t been asked for a meter reading since my initial one.
I keep looking at the app and the website but can’t find anyway to input a meter reading,
I came into the forum a few months ago because I’d taken meter readings again and someone said that they could input them for me(?) but they haven’t shown on my account.
Can anyone tell me how to submit readings?!

You’ll have an online account. Log into the app or the website. On the app its a reading tab and on the website its a big green button.

On the app its a reading tab and on the website its a big green button.

… and if you can’t see the big obvious green button then most likely the reason is because it’s not there. If you also haven’t been getting reminder emails to submit readings followed by monthly statements, then it sounds like there’s a configuration issue on your account and you’ll need to contact Bulb to get them to check it.


Oh, that does look strange! You don’t have the submit meter reading button in your Bulb account!

@Hooloovoo is right - we’ll need to change your meter configuration. Whilst that sounds very technical, it’s pretty quick. On the national database of meters, your meter is registered as a SMETS2. That’s a new smart meter. This means that our billing system thinks you don’t need to submit meter readings.

Could you send me a picture of your meter so we can check it out and get it fixed?

If you’d rather not post on here - you can drop us an email on

@Hooloovoo is right - we'll need to change your meter configuration.

I’ll ask my usual question. Why wasn’t the fact no meter readings were coming in as expected, and no statements have been produced for the last 3 months, automatically flagged and checked before the customer raised the query?