meter reading

Hi, I get asked for a meter readings and I have sent in 3 since starting with Bulb in February but none have registered for some reason. I have e-mailed and sent in a picture of my reading but have not had a reply. I have checked my spam folder and nothing there. The only email I’ve received is one to rate their response (but I’ve not had a response!). Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes we’ve not had a bill since we had our smart meter installed in April. Like you I have submitted readings, I have sent pictures of my readings to verify, I have phoned, I have emailed, been promised I will get an up to date bill, but nothing. Have to say very disappointed in Bulb with this as the whole point of smart meters is supposed to make it easier!

It’s really annoying isn’t it. Mine isn’t a smart meter though. I’m worried that I’ll have a huge bill at some point that I won’t be able to cover. My estimated monthly quote was really low and I’ve increased my payments but still not sure if I’m paying enough.

No guide as to how to submit meter reading. Had to send email with info to Help@
Same issue 3 months ago

I can’t read my electricity smart meter. My gas smart meter has registered some but I have given up emailing. I’m seriously thinking of switching. I may have lousy smart meters to take with me but perhaps the next company will have a customer service department

I’m in the same boat, has anyone contacted the ombudsman?

Same problem here. New smart meters fitted, engineer submitted final reading from old meter, but then no more readings. The bulb app now offers no ability to submit a meter reading either, and bulb support are just ignoring me.

Any one found a better supplier? any good suggestions?