Meter readings and communication

How do you get bulb to answer a question, been trying for days to get them to put my meter reading right, started off with 12 hundred on clock now its12 thousand Sent photos of meter but still no luck. Will be moving in December to someone you can talk to

Hi @popeye222,

Thanks for your post, welcome to Community! I’ve just taken a look at your emails and can see they’ve been dealt with.

Just to make things easier for yourself in future, it might be good to have your Community account set up with the email on your account to make sure we can access your account and rectify your query quickly - same with when you get in touch with us via email. If the email you’ve been using is your most used one, you can change your Bulb account to this online.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Could you set up a new debit account

I’ve just sent you an email about this @popeye222 :email: