Meter readings and messages go ignored!

I know this has been covered by many posts recently but just want to see if I can get a response direct from Bulb regarding ignored meter readings.
I know its not much to worry about - and with your estimates being way higher than what we are actually using you will end up owing me money - so its not the end of the world - I just want it to be correct now!!
Surely its not that hard just to use the readings I am sending you, instead of making wild stab in the dark guesses every month?!!!???
I have emailed twice with no response and as we know the ‘online chat’ really needs to be renamed ‘chat if you’re lucky’.
If someone at Bulb can just give me a response I would be happy!
I wouldn’t want to leave the company like so many other people are saying, when we made the switch to try and do our bit to save the planet.
Thanks, Ryan.