Meter readings and overcharged bills


I’ve joined bulb in December 2019 and they’ve been asking me for a meter reading 3 times now. Ive sent one every time they asked me to, which has been each month now, last one was sent yesterday and this morning I had another email saying that I’ve never sent anything since December??!
And I got two massive bills too based on their estimation? What is going on? I’ve sent all the readings plus pictures and got no answer whatsoever so far.
Can anyone help me at least getting in touch with them please?


Thanks for the answer, I should have said that I already done it this way… Several times :pensive:

What does “this way” mean? There are several “ways”. Email, phone, webchat. Bulb typically take a very long time to respond to email, if it all. What happens when you try to phone them or use webchat?

If you’ve already tried all those, then I’m not sure what you’re hoping anyone will suggest?

I submit my meter readings every month after receiving the Bulb email.
Are you sure you’re going through the correct procedure when submitting your readings?

a miracle or perhaps divine intervention

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I mean the online form that send them an email.
I’m working 6 days a week and got very little time left but I’ll try a phone call, thanks.

@skippy64 how reassuring, thanks.

@mbj.805 well when I receive the email I just follow the links and submit my reading with pictures as well.
I’m not sure what you mean by “correct procedure”?

The thing is that even though I submitted the readings, got a confirmation email saying they got my readings, when I go into my account and then my payments, I still got a message saying they need my reading.

In all seriousness flippancy aside, when you phone ask for an account reset, problem with accounts are quite a common occurrence on this forum

I was wondering if a reset would be possible, thank you!