Meter readings are double what my smart meter says

New build town house - 4 bed with led lighting throughout. Gas central heating. We do laundry once a week and cook with gas and an electric oven occasionally. Our monthly electricity bill is between £100-120. Neighbours either side are £40-60. We fitted a clamp smart meter onto the supply outside to monitor our usage and for the last 2 months it averaged £50-60. Please can you advise how we can get this resolved? Solarplicity was our previous supplier and we had the same issue with them.

Today, Bulb sent a letter asking us to increase monthly payments to £188 ! This makes zero sense.

Has anyone else had this issue ?

Please advise


Is anyone at Bulb feeding these ?

Hi @Ian.7

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community :wave:

Your average monthly usage is actually around £150, which is the amount we get if we take your yearly usage and divide it by 12. Normally we would expect some credit in the account as we head into winter to act as a buffer for higher statements in winter, as yours does not have as much as we would expect, we will have increased your payments to make sure your usage is covered and the account doesn’t go into debit.

Its very rare that meters record inaccurately, and I would say that £40-£60 for a house would be quite a low amount.

If you did want to look into the meters/ consumption on the property we could organise an accuracy test to be done. This would cost £120 but would be covered by us if the meter was found to be faulty.

I would otherwise recommend a trace test, this could be done by an electrician and would look at whether or not any of your appliances were using more energy than they should be.

Would either of these options be of interest?

Thanks - Ele :sparkles: