Meter readings being deleted

I have just had a lot of statement corrections made to my account and have been told its because ive not given meter readings for a while. I did fail to give meter readings some months, which I acknowledge is an issue, but I submitted 2 meter readings in March prior to the rate change which have now been deleted from my account (as well as a reading from October). I have emails from Bulb confirming I submitted those readings but when I call customer support they dont seem to understand the issue im having and just tell me that my balance has now been corrected - ive now called them twice and sent supporting evidence. Im really worried about the fact that meter readings can just be erased from the record and a new balance calculated at any time. Does anyone have a similar experience of readings being removed from their account and how to fix it?

Hey @Anne11 and welcome to the community :wave:

I can see that the read we are getting through from your gas smart meter is very different from the reads you are submitting. This has caused the statement corrections as it is removing your reads and replacing it with the smart reads.

Can you confirm if you are submitting the reading in kWh or m3 or ft3? This should show in the bottom corner of the screen.

I have added the reads from 31st March again and have reissued the statments.

– Robyn :bulb: