Meter readings being ignored

I’ve submitted my first meter readings (20th May) and added another a week later both via the app and web-based, and they are just not shown.

Hi Wanderer

Obviously something is not quite right if you say you’ve submitted readings and not showing in the app.

Bulb Customer Service will be on the case as soon as they see this or alternatively you can call them on 0300 30 30 635 and they will assist you.

@Wanderer Hi there. I can see the first reading was displayed on the account, but not the subsequent ones.

The reason for this was that a piece of info about your switch came across slightly later than planned. This was no problem, but it was the bit of info about how much electricity your property was expected to use in a year - which we use to double check people’s reads.

This arrived a couple of days ago, so the readings have now been double checked and are visible on the account.