Meter readings being ignored

Is there any reason why Bulb ignore the meter readings I send via the app and subsequent emails requesting a correction to an incorrect reading I submitted, choosing to favour estimations instead?
I (somehow) managed to send a wildly ott reading in mid July - about a thousand units ott! - and submitted the correct reading (together with the requested photograph of my meter reading) a few days later, along with a follow-up email notifying Bulb of my error.
I have since sent further readings in and also emailed again, but today I received a monthly usage email that once again used an estimate for my gas usage, based upon my incorrect reading.
My error has increased my monthly payment by 25% and although it will balance out when a meter reader next pays a visit (possibly), I would like this sorted now.
The lack of any kind of customer service/response from Bulb concerns me enough to be considering options for moving to a new supplier. It would appear that Bulb has become too big for the staff/technology it uses to cope.
This seems a shame as I love the idea behind their supplies.

Sounds like you’d best phone up Bulb and have a chat with them. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out. As you say, currently they are a bit overwhelmed and service is not looking good.

I am having the same issue. Service has definitely gone down in the last 6 months with emails not responded to

Has anybody been able to use the “chat” service via the app?

Haven’t tried via the app but it certainly works on the website.