Meter readings differ

I’ve had a smart meter fitted in a hope of getting a handle as to why my bills are so outragous. Now I find the reading across different platforms (Phone - smart thing, Little wireless smart meter connection box and direct meter reading)they are all different. The only reading that looks to be correct is using my phone over samsung smart things. It’s a wireless network in my home that monitors different equipment like a smart house if you will. You can add various applicances to smart things but as I only have a smart meter that is all I have. But all the readings are different like I say and I’m paying for things I can’t possibilly be using.

Does anyone else have an issue like this?

Hi @bomber :wave: thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the community :partying_face:

Our usage graphs are in beta mode, so offer an indicator to your usage but are not 100% accurate.

If you want to check up on your usage and what you’ve been charged, we generally say that the meter readings themselves are most important. We always bill to a reading at the start of the billing month and again at the end to make sure we’ve got the right consumption information :bulb:


Jenny :star:

That’s all well and good but without an accurate reading I am paying for way more than I use. I am even in debt to the turn of over £500 and this debt is increasing even though we are in the summer months and my heating is not being used. Beta or not this needs to be resolved sooner rather than later!

Are the readings on your bills matching up with the reads that are on your actual meter?


Jenny :star:

It has been proven many times that my meter is fine but the supply spikes at irregular times.

It also happens daily and I am being punished for it?