Meter readings - does someone actually attend?

My mother is a customer of Bulb (as am I). She is elderly and vulnerable I would say.

This week as she arrived at her house, she was approached by someone saying he needed to read the meters, gas and electric. He didnt say whether he worked for Bulb and mum didn’t ask… Unfortunately, she let him in anyway. He offered no ID and she didn’t ask either.

My question is, is it likely that Bulb would send someone to read the meters? And if so, is it likely they would behave in this way? Mum has previously provided readings online.

By the way, Im not criticising Bulb, Im just trying to work out if he was genuine or someone looking to take advantage of mum………

Look forward to your reply.


Chances are he was from Morrison Data Services who carry out electricity and gas meter readings for Bulb, please see : When an engineer visits your home – Bulb

They are very unprofessional if they didn’t automatically show their ID especially in your mothers circumstances.

They are very unprofessional if they didn't automatically show their ID especially in your mothers circumstances.
In theory they should but I think for most callers they tend to have it dangling around their neck, its there to see but unless you ask to read it thats about as far as it goes. I may be wrong but I think the onus is on the householder to ask to see it.

You have probably already done so MichaelReeves but have a nice talk with mother and put her right.


In this particular circumstance still very very unprofessional by the company if it was Morrisons.

hi MichaelReeves hoping all turned out well !
If your mother is not on Bulb’s Priority Services Register , it could be helpful for her to be ! That way a password could be set up between your mum and Bulb , so that when a meter reader attends they would know the password that is set between your mum and Bulb !