Meter readings don't seem to be accepted and server error downloading tariff

Yesterday I entered my first meter readings ( both gas and electricity). When I entered the gas reading I got a message saying ‘Cheers, we’ve received your gas reading’ and looking at ‘View my energy usage’ section of ‘My Bulb’ I can see my gas reading displayed there.

However when I entered the electricity readings I didn’t get the confirmation message and I cannot see my readings in ‘My Bulb’ I re-submitted the readings several times yesterday and again today but still I can only see my gas reading, not my electricity reading.

Additionally, when I click the button to download my tariff I get a message saying ‘Error Message Failed to download file: Internal Server Error’

Is it likely that the same server error is preventing me from entering the electricity readings?

@jim I’m having trouble finding your account based on your email address. I’m a bit confused, and I’d love to be able to discuss personal details such as email, so I’m going to take this off the community and email you directly. Hope that’s okay.

I don’t usually use personally identifying data when registering with community forums for obvious reasons of privacy and I frequently use an email address that I very rarely look at and only then simply to delete all the spam in it. That’s why you can’t identify my account from my logon. It’s not necessary for general community questions. If I want to ask something specific to my account I’ll email Bulb directly.

My question is still pertinent though and I have been emailed through my account several times saying you have the readings and they should be displayed by now. However, when I looked this morning I had the gas reading and one of the electricity readings but not the other one (and the electricity reading that was shown did not identify which one it was)

This looks like a general failing in updating customer information and not specific to my account

Hi @jim without looking at your account in particular it’s tricky to say why the readings didn’t go in, as they can fail for quite a number of reasons. It may be that your account has errored when your meter reading failed, and this is why you are receiving an error message. If you like, we can take a look at your account in particular if you email us at