Meter readings from eon are wrong

Hello I’ve been asked to provide my meter readings today but the last meter readings that are down from eon are incorrect and I’m concerned that I’m going to end up being charged twice for what I’ve used. The last meter readings I provided eon with were: day-02591, night-05195.

Final and start readings between a switch are verified by a 3rd party so they will not overlap the only issue maybe a dispute between suppliers which will be sorted out between them and shouldn’t involve you.
The above should ensure you are not charged for the same usage twice.

Hey @Elly - what @scudo said is great advice for people who have fully switched over and submitted meter readings that then got replaced by an estimate, but it’s different in this case.

You’re right that the data we’ve received from Eon shows very different meter readings, so there could be a few issues. One possibility is that we might have the wrong meter for you, so I’m going to send you an email in a moment, and if you could reply to that with a photo of your meter or a copy of an old electricity bill, that would be perfect and we can get everything sorted :slight_smile:

Talk soon,