Meter readings gone missing

I supplied meter readings on 26-11/2019 via the app. Bulb even contacted me asking for photographs to verify the readings, which I did. Now they are contacting me saying they haven’t had a reading for 8 months! What’s happened to my previous meter reading?

If they asked for a photo, it’s because the reading was outside the range of expected values based on your expected annual usage and it failed the “sanity check”. What’s supposed to happen is that the photo gets used as proof and the reading then applied. For whatever reason, this doesn’t seem to work as Bulb intend and the photo and reading often end up getting ignored.

However, more to the point. what has happened to all your other readings? You’re supposed to submit one every month. What has happened to the readings for December, January, and February?

Most likely the reason you’re having problems is because the expected annual usage for your property doesn’t match your actual annual usage, and this is what causes your actual reading to be outside the range of expected readings. This would slowly be corrected if you gave more frequency meter readings and so a better representation of your typical usage.

I think you’ll need to give Bulb a call on Monday morning to discuss the problem and give an up to date reading.

Thanks for your response. It’s not so easy to give monthly readings as I don’t have access to my meter - this has to be done by a caretaker. I’ll see what I can do.