Meter readings I sent you don't match what my old supplier sent throufh


I’ve received a final bill from edf energy that states my final readings as 9135/20816, however my meter readings I submitted to you to open up the account were 9058/20812 on 18-Aug. This means they’re over charging me for my final bill - could you please send through the correct readings?

Thanks, Ed

Hi @edward7224. Thanks for letting us know. So what has happened is that when you submitted your readings, they were the wrong way round. The industry saw that the readings weren’t in line and so rejected them and replaced them with the estimates: Day - 9134 and Night - 20815.

Us and EDF have to use the same readings to close and open accounts, and I’m afraid the estimates are too close to your actual readings to dispute them with EDF. What I will do is change our readings to match theirs so we are in line and you are not paying twice for any energy.

Hope this helps!