meter readings in red.

I sent my first readings in as asked by Bulb; they said enter all the figures I see. So I did - 4 digits in black and 2 in red, 191979. Now I look on the site and it’s gone in as 19197.9. This will surely mean my old supplied will think I’ve used LOTS LOTS LOTS more gas than I have, any advice?

The Bulb team will actually need to sort out the misreading. You shouldn’t have included the readings in red, please see for further information.

Thankyou. Fair enough, then it begs the question why they specifically asked me enter all the figures I could see…
:-(. I’ve emailed the customer services team to tell them.

I can’t comment on what Bulb may have told you. However when they sent me the email asking for my first reading they provided a link on how to read the meters (the link I provided above) and I followed that information.

I also had the meter readings showing on the bills from my previous suppliers and made sure the readings I supplied to Bulb were in the same format as far as the numerals were concerned.

Hi @CWDavis thanks for getting in touch about this. As @Allanr says we don’t need the numbers in red, just the ones before the decimal point, but we can get this sorted out for you (there’s a process called ‘raising a dispute’ to get your opening readings changed, both with us and your old supplier). I’m sure that whoever picks up your email will tell you the same thing, but all we’ll need is two sets of readings a week apart, preferably with at least one photo of the meter (as backups), then we’ll get in touch with your old supplier and ask them to change their final reading.

At what point do Bulb get access to the user’s previous readings from the ‘regulator/3rd party verification company’? Would it be possible for the ‘new readings’ page to read some thing like ‘We need your Gas meter reading. Your last reading was on XX/XX/XX for YYYY and we expect your new reading to be between AAAAAA and BBBBB: if your meter is outside this range, please send us a photograph of the meter for verification’ (where AAAAA is the minimum you expect the meter to be and BBBBB is AAAAA+2x months usage) - this might help people figure out what numbers they are expected to enter (“hmm, the meter says 181232 but Bulb is expecting between 1810 and 1930 - perhaps I should ignore the last two figures which happen to be in red”).

Hi there @RichyB we put the last readings from your old supplier up on your Bulb account as soon as we receive them, saying your last reading was xxx to EDF (or whomever) on yyy. However, we often don’t receive these details until a day or two after the switch, and at that point we’ve often already got an actual read so we put that one up then. If we do have it, then we ask for a photo of your meter if the reading is outside certain thresholds (I don’t remember exactly what the threshold is of the top of my head). We find that it is super helpful when we have it, but they often take a while to come in so not that many people can take advantage of it