Meter readings issue

I have been asked to submit readings however i am unable to do this on both the app or the website. It just takes me to a blank screen on both. I also registered for priority service and requested a smart meter weeks ago and heard nothing back. I have not had a reply to my email and am never able to get through on the chat. Will this be resolved by Bulb eventually or should I switch suppliers?

Hi @emmahogg

Thanks for the post and welcome to Bulb community! :raised_hands:

I’m so sorry you encountered an error when you tried to submit your meter readings. This has now been rectified and you can submit these online.

You have been added for the priority service register, but we’re currently unable to offer smart meters, as you actually have first generation smart meters already installed, which we can’t replace. The good news is we’re currently working on trying to read these remotely and we hope to be able to get automatic readings again in 2021.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

Freya :bulb:

Hi Freya,

Thank you my payment has been taken and I have been able to submit readings.

In regards to the first generation smart meter - all I have been able to find is an old SSE meter which looks like an old phone. It gives me readings but doesn’t provide accurate spend totals. Is there no way to get this rectified or replaced?