Meter Readings / Meter Accuracy Test & Changeout

I’ve sent the month of June weekly readings and requested an answer as to why the economy 7 showed 197 units used when all that was on economy 7 was my immersion heater.
Jo (Bulb) 20th May - "it would likely be Summer until the we can get a smart meter which we could reconfigure to economy 7. I still have not got a date for the exchange.
Jo (Bulb) 30th May - “I’ve requested a meter accuracy test from Siemens. I asked for anytime in July. I’ll let you know when they get back to me with a date”. After several emails he (Bulb help) still has not bothered to answer with a date for July or to offer an explanation.
WHY are Bulb ignoring me on the above issues but they are glad enough to take my money!

I've sent the month of June weekly readings and requested an answer as to why the economy 7 showed 197 units used when all that was on economy 7 was my immersion heater.

6kWh a day doesn’t sound outrageous for a hot water tank.

I’m not clear on the issue. What exactly is it that you think is wrong?

I’m simply trying to have my meter assessed for accuracy, I don’t believe it’s accurate either in economy 7 or in normal operation. My bill with the previous supplier started at appx. £80 and increased to £240 per month. They couldn’t justify the increase or investigate fully.
Jo @ help desk supposedly booked me in for a meter accuracy check (June) with Siemens & reconfigured meter to economy 7 plus he was to sign me in for the disabled pensioner scheme. None of these items have been confirmed as completed.
After several emails to that effect and having no reply to any my only course is complaints procedure going to the chief executive of the company to get some type of explanation and resolution.

What have you tried so far in terms of determining if it’s a meter fault, or a faulty appliance on your local installation? Are you sure, for example, your immersion heater isn’t stuck on 24/7 when it’s supposed to be timed? It’s best to try to diagnose as much as you can yourself first, because if you get a meter check done and there’s no fault found then you’ll be charged for the work.

Have you tried:

  • Turning everything off, preferably at the main switch on your consumer unit, and checked that the meter does indeed stop incrementing.
  • With everything else switched off, run a known load such as a 1kW fan heater for 1 hour, and verified that the meter increments by exactly 1kWh

It would be best to be sure that either or both of those tests fail before getting anyone else involved to check the meter.

I say again that your operator named Jo said he intended to book me in for a reconfigured smart meter (due summer 2019), my meter tested for accuracy in-situ (July by Siemens) and disabled pensioner scheme. All was by email in the month of May and therefore traceable. Subsequently none of these three actions has been confirmed by phone or email and therefore I require confirmation they have been actioned.

I say again that your operator

I should clarify that I’m not Bulb staff, I’m just a customer like yourself.

Remember this is not a Bulb service desk, it’s just a forum for chat among fellow customers. Whilst I appreciate your predicament, if you’re not interested in help from your fellow customers and doing what you can to diagnose and resolve your own issues, then I’ll leave you to it. :slight_smile: