Meter readings missing from reading history

Hi, I’ve been a customer for a couple of month and made my first meter reading in at the end of September for gas and electricity. However, when I look at my past usage there is no history for electricity.

Please can you confirm whether or not you are receiving my electricity readings? The estimated readings that have been made by bulb are too high. Is there an issue that the readings I am entering being lower than your estimates?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Oliverb, We’ve only had you as a customer for a month, so the graph will need a few days to update. However, the readings you are sending us are lower than the opening reading we have for your electricity. This is because we are relying on an estimated opening read.

I’ll use the readings you have provided to update your opening read to something lower and pass this on to your previous supplier. I’ll give you an email to update you with the readings we intend to use.