Meter Readings not accepted?

The other day I got an email saying I hadn’t submitted meter readings and bulb needed one.

I submitted them and it happened to be that bulb’s estimated readings are nowhere near my actual readings so I submitted photos as well.

Today I got another email saying I haven’t submitted meter readings so I’ve done it again but what’s happening and how does it work? I’ve attached a picture of my meter readings against today’s predicted ones!


I have the same issue, commenting to follow the thread if you get a resolution!

We’ve had the same problem. They didn’t accept our first meter reading even though our old company used it as our final reading. So Bulb estimated our first reading which is higher than our actual reading 3 months later!! Bulb have raised a complaint on our behalf for it apparently but not heard anything in over a month. I just continue to add regular readings to my account and also take photos each time.