Meter readings not being sent from smart meters

My smart meters have once again stopped sending readings.
This problem first occurred late last year 2021, and a reboot appeared to have fixed it after a couple of months.
Since early May 2022 the readings have again stopped, resulting in me having to send manual reads through so I don’t get an estimate on the high rates now being charged.
Why is happening? The meters are SMETS2 and were only installed last summer.

Hi @johnboyb :wave:

I have taken a look at your account and everything for your smart meters is set up correctly.

There does appear to be a communications fault with the meters, this requires a remote reboot however this should be done by your local smart network operator every few weeks to try and get the meters connected. This is not something we can request from our end.

With this when the reboot works the meters should start communication with Bulb again.


Jeny :star:

Who is supposed to contact the local smart meter operator? It’s not really up to me to do is it?
This certainly wasn’t the case the last time this happened - bulb sorted it out.
In the meantime you’re not getting my daily readings are you?

That’s a pretty poor response. It IS up to Bulb to request the connection is re-booted to re-connect to the network. DCC do not accept re-boot requests from customer - it has to go via the provider - IE BULB.
This happened to my meters last November and someone at Bulb (Carl?) got a re-boot requested.
It certainly ISN’T up to the customer to request this. That’s why we’re paying Bulb, not just for energy, but for a service.