Meter readings not being used for billing

I have submitted several electricity meter readings since I moved house in June. The initial reading was accepted, but since then, only estimated reading have been used for billing. These estimates are significantly lower than my actual usage and I am concerned that this may result in a balloon payment at the end of the year. Each time I send in a meter reading, the system says it is higher than expected and asks for a photo of the meter; this I have provided each time. What is the process?

Hi @ratbag32x ,

As this is primarily a community (member to member forum) and we fellow customers don’t have access to your account there’s very little we can assist on this matter. It’ll be best to contact Bulb directly via (other contact details are available at the bottom of the ‘Help’ page or on ) and they’ll be able to look into things.

I gave my previous supplier my meter readings as well to ensure there was no confusion and to stop me being billed as I noticed on community that if we dont do that, then there appears to be double trouble. I think Bulb should advise switchers to do the same, as Bulb appear to delay the process, which can cause consumers a problem.