Meter readings not showing in app

Hello! I submitted meter random meter readings (via the app) at the weekend, as I had my head in the cupboard anyway, but it’s telling me the last readings were on 22 Oct. How long does it take for app-submitted readings to show in the app? Should I resubmit them on the website instead? Thanks for your kind feedback. Lisaa

Oh - and I’ve just checked online; the elec reading is shown there, but not the gas reading I submitted.

@Lisaa in a small % of cases, the gas reads take a few days to show up. I’ve sped it up for you in this case. Soz for the odd delay!

I had this problem earlier in the week too - had confirmation in the app (iPhone 4S / iOS 9.3.5) that both elec & gas readings had been received, but only the elec has since shown up, and therefore gas has been estimated for my billing date yesterday. Did the gas read not make it through? The app didn’t seem entirely happy at the time I was submitting (lots of spinning / slow to load page) but as I say, eventually got the confirmation note for both readings.

Hi @rubberfunk I can see the gas reading is now showing on your account. As Andrew eluded to, sometimes it takes a few days to get a validation back from the industry, and until this time, the read will not show on the account and therefore not show on the bill.

Usually, the validation comes back within a day so it isn’t a problem, but occasionally it takes a little longer. We will still use the reading you’ve submitted. We are looking at ways to speed this validation up to avoid cases like this.

Hope that explains things.


Thanks Andrew! I re-submitted gas and elec reads anyway, so you might be inundated now - sorry!!
Cheers, Lisa