Meter readings not showing on app

Need help. My smart meter is showing my usage correctly, but the app on my phone is no longer showing my useage and hasn’t for a couple of weeks. So it’s now used an average to calculate my bill. Any ideas what to try?

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Join the growing club.

I’ve seen several people, including myself reporting the same problem.
This obviously isn’t a priority for bulb.

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Hey @Matt-10 and @Bulberino

Thanks for posting about the above.

We are sorry to hear the app is not reflecting the usage correctly, on our side @Matt-10 we can see that there is graph but it may not be the same as on the phone, we would love to help fix this.

Some common fixes include;

  • Close and re-open the app
  • Make sure the app is updated to the latest version (uninstall and reinstall if needed)
  • Change preferences to Daily or Half-hourly in ‘Smart date preferences’ of your account settings.

I hope this helps.