Meter readings not showing up

I put gas and electricity meter readings in on 2nd January. Both are not there in the list yet. They were both marked as “potentially too low”, probably because they were while we were away over Christmas / New Year. So hardly any usage obviously! I think those need to go through special review? Is there a backlog on the review?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for providing your readings! I’ve added those to your account.


Same here except only electricity missing …two readings submitted at the same time as gas readings which are on the dashboard.

Hi @compostellen,

Thanks for entering your readings. We have a couple of checks on meter readings that our members enter. This is to make sure that they make sense. This makes sure you are billed correctly. Once we’re happy with the meter reading it is added to your MyBulb.

I have added your electricity reading and it should now appear on MyBulb.

All the best.

Hi, Same here- I submitted both gas and electricity meter readings on 30th January and the electricity one is not showing up for same reason as stated above. Can this be added please?

Hey @lammtrom, no worries at all. I’ve just fixed that now so you should see those readings show up in your Bulb account :slight_smile: