Meter Readings Not Showing

Having submitted my economy 7 meter readings twice on the website and spoken to someone about this over a week ago my readings are still not showing on my account. I want to see what I have used since joining and what my actual bill is.

Hi @Jackii, thanks for the heads up! You should be able to see your meter readings on your Bulb account now :). It turns out that we were missing the data on your predicted annual usage, so our system literally expected you to not use any electricity at all (a bit silly I know). That is corrected now, so your readings should go through from now onwards :).

Do please let us know if this is not the case :slight_smile:

My online account seems to do nothing. I can’t change my payment date or amount. I’ve entered new meter readings and get no input about what I have used.


I can see the monthly payment has been changed and we have received readings from you on the 27th of July.

The opening gas reading is an estimate. Your reading that we submitted on your switch date unfortunately failed industry validation checks.

It’d quite odd that they failed validation given how close the estimates are, as they are as close as they are (less than the agreed industry tolerances 100 m3 different) we aren’t able to get this changed. I appreciate this might be frustrating.

This just means you pay slightly more to your previous supplier and slightly less to us.